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good stuff, good stuff! the original song is oh so catchy, and your remix is up there as well!
i enjoyed this flash animation.

oh how i love animal crossing! it has been a while since i've last played new leaf though, now that i think of it. i enjoyed this parody. i too cannot seem to rid myself of a neighbor i have wanted gone a long time ago.

decent animation, adequate voice acting. overall, good animation. bonus for the k.k. ending.



nothing short of what i expect from an Egoraptor piece. cheers!


truly a saddening presentation. a job well done i say. usually when i view or listen to something, i take it for the meaning that is behind it. what you have done here has moved me. i commend you on getting the message across.

animator vs. animation

your work reminds me of noogai's animator vs. animation series. perhaps you had been inspired by the series? i recommend you check out his Flashes, if you have not already. it is only a recommendation, so do so if you wish.

overall, i enjoyed your animation. i felt it was too slow-paced. action should be fast, it should be quick, it should hit you like a train. the sound effects were enjoyable. your own sound effects? i like that.

for your first Flash, this is pretty good. i wish you luck in your future endeavors. cheers!

stefansjs responds:

Yes, I was inspired by his work, but I didn't want to copy him, so I tried my own thing.
I created all the sound effects myself, except for the music tracks. I'm glad you liked it!
Thanks, I appreciate your input!


for being new to flash, i am impressed by this. funny ending!

i understand you are new, though i would like to throw out suggestions for the future. i would suggest a more detailed environment. the sun looked a bit shoddy, although the shadow of the tree was a nice touch. the ebb and flow of the ocean is spot on.

the facial expressions convey his feelings well. i can definitely see he is angry, although some sound effects to further convey this helps.

i was amused by this flash, and the music was delightful. i wish you luck in your future endeavors and hope to see more. cheers!


i take it Reagan wins in an epic fashion and so he should! he is Ronald Reagan after all!

unfortunately so...

i share your pain. nevertheless, good flash. Cheers!

foolish Americanos

because that is obviously how the Cuban Missile Crisis played out. dunno why but i burst out laughing when the Star Fox theme played.

for what it's worth, i got a laugh out of it. Cheers!

short, but sweet

although I had anticipated what was going to happen, it was still good for a laugh. Waddle-Dee's reaction was priceless.

very good work! Cheers!

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