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good game!

i rather like this updated version of Battleship. it's an interesting take on it, and i like the addition of 1-tile mines; it makes for more of a challenge hunting them down.

good game to play!


definitely encourages out-of-the-box thinking. i'm amazed at what you have done with this though. i'm amazed at how you had me use my Caps Lock button and refresh the page just to get through. i may have said too much, but i assure you there is quite a challenge in this.

a quality game! and a nice song to boot! Cheers!

an excellent game!

this truly is. i like the concept of assembling your getaway car all the while fighting off mass hordes of zombies. it gives the player a sense of urgency and incentive as the zombies increase in strength and size.

one thing that amuses me is the unique enemies. it amused me that you did not stick exclusively to zombies and instead threw in zombie bunnies and crows.

i had a great time playing through the game. although the crows were a constant nuisance, they did in fact add to the difficulty of the game. the ability to upgrade skills was a nice touch, and proved to be quite helpful. max out the Business skill tree from the get go. it will definitely benefit you in the long run. but don't take my word for it, play through it and see what suits your needs!

an excellent game! Cheers!


Snake is always fun. gotta say though, this is lacking in personality. it lacks in style. this is YOUR version of Snake, so add what you will. background music, graphics, the works.

it is indeed Snake and it's playable. for what it is, a 5 is all I can give.

Potheads flying elephants. What more can I say?

I'm just a sucker for zombies :P

The game was great! Played through the entire game, and just finished. I was running through half the way with 2 health remaining before being mauled by zombie pachyderms.

The music was quite catchy to begin with, but it got a tad annoying by the fourth wave. I would have liked more variety in tracks, different tracks playing rather than looping the same one countless times. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely liked what was playing. I just hoped for something else. The final level change of music was relieving. While I'm on that, the final boss music was strangely hilarious. I got a sense of urgency of defeating the monstrosity tumbling its way toward me, yet I also couldn't help but laugh away as I blasted. Good song, good song.

One thing I did not understand was the fans. I was at a loss as to what purpose they served. Please explain. I figured they replenished health, which they did not (another point of the game I found to my disliking; no health replenishment).

While I did not like the ability to regain health lost, I did happen upon the perk of losing. The ability to call in an airstrike more than makes up for it!

The help of a partner goes a long way. Nice to not only include a partner, but also to include the ability to upgrade yours and your partner's weapons.

Overall, superb game.

i am in awe...

this is truly amazing. i know you to be a great artist and i love your artwork on the art portal, but seeing this is more than i expected. amazing stuff man.

Retro Review!

I believe the player ship is a tad too big, although the health bar is a step up from the original Invaders. The lack of sound effects and the lack of BGM was quite disappointing.


Pretty cool game. I especially liked the music. No complaints here.

Fun game! Cheers!


I quite enjoyed the unique concept of the game. I enjoyed the style of the game, in the pixel-like visuals.

Nice sound effects. I feel some music would have helped though. While the sound effects were nice, as well as the music of the title screen, I think some background music would have been a nice addition to compliment. Anything space-ish would have sufficed.

As for the game itself, I found it a bit challenging. I certainly enjoy a challenge in games, although I found the lack of a save button disappointing. Other than that, I had no other issues with it.

Decent game. Cheers!


The messages throughout the game are quite interesting. The messages were deep, and created the set of a man escaping his past.

Beautiful music as well. Good game! Cheers!

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