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oh lavender town... the horror and chill of this tune. sweet, sweet nostalgia.

i must say, you have done a rather impressive job with this. the tune itself remains scary, but the addition of the girl voice just sent chills down my spine. i like it!

and indeed, fear is an illusion. cheers!

Solkrieg responds:


short and sweet

for what it is, it is a very nice loop. although there is much more you can do with this, i like it just the same.


ganon95 responds:

theres always more u can do :p

dear me..

hi NeX, good to see you out with a new track and may i say, this is absolutely amazing! a very good follow up on "verse on fire".

i like the killer harpsichord intro - which is quite funny that i use killer and harpsichord in the same sentence :P
anyway, a good start - really gets you pumped. and then comes the piano and synths. like "vof" i am in awe as to your method of blending synths and killer guitar riffs in one. i respect that very much.

oh? nice, very nice indeed.

excellent track man. keep up the good work - never let up. keep 'em coming with the awesome stuff. cheers!

an excellent remix!

i have heard several remixes of the famed Epic Sax Guy, but THIS one. . . i like.

to be honest i am not much of a fan for dubstep, although you have pulled this off quite well. enjoyable from start to finish. good stuff, good stuff.


TIMarbury responds:

thank you! :D


guess what? i LOVE 8-bit and polar bears! ^____^

the intro is a tad slow, but i like where it leads to. nice melodies throughout, and `1:26 i find very interesting.

what comes after though is amazing! i didn't think this song could get any better, and it just did. i love it!

good variety, great sound. overall, wonderful song! cheers!

Kubbi responds:

Thank's a lot for the great feedback!


i appreciate a good drum 'n bass track, but this one just didn't quite hit with me. what doesn't sit right with me is the placement of everything within this track. to my ears it does not fit together well.

the piano chords playing throughout the song stand out the most. i do not quite see how they fit in the song at all. they just distract from the drums and synths.

an unusual melody for a synth. in all honesty, it terrified me.

what i would suggest to fix in the future is to have more organization. everything about this track comes off to me as something you had thrown in. more so, each part of this is different from each other and do not correlate with one another. it just does not sound like the same song as i listen to it.

the drums hit hard, and i like that. the rest though, not so much. cheers!


i'm liking the overall vibe of this song. it's quite relaxing, very soothing. the bassline moves really well.

nice synth introduction. i was beginning to tire of the song. good to bring in something new.
the volume seems uncontrolled here. i assume you intended for it to happen, but i do not enjoy the sporadic volume bursts. it kills the calmness and chill the song originally had.

my main complaint is the synth. i was absolutely in love with the beginning, and the first introduction of it was not too bad. as it continued though, the volume spikes destroyed the smooth atmosphere. on top of that, the synth as a whole drowned out the entire percussion line you had going. i can barely make out the drums during the synth parts, except for the snare.

good song from the start, but as it progressed went downhill. cheers!

Getcheffy responds:

Thanks, to be honest. most of it was by accident. I threw this together in minutes and didnt adjust any levels of sound or balance.

i'm getting down to this!

i like! electronica will always have a special place in my heart.

i'm liking the intro. granted i find a tad slow, but the buildup is definitely working out for this. it's definitely worth the wait into the next phrase.

i find the `2:00 mark very interesting. it's just not something that i have ever heard before, but i'm loving the way you're using that synth. something about it is pleasing to hear.

the track is quite energetic from the start of the main melody, but it begins to drag. there could have been some more variety, perhaps another melody introduced rather than the same one that caught my attention the first time.

nonetheless, "epic" is an accurate description. cheers!

ToliveAnimations responds:

Thanks very much bro :)


i know a Jonny Death cover when i hear one. just the right amount of metal and viola! kickass song.

a shame i did not catch the rocked-up version on the Pokémon TV show. i assume this played through the original season when it first aired, when Pokémon was every bit as awesome as the games themselves.

i digress. beautiful cover. metal and nostalgia all over, this is amazing! cheers!

oh my.

very nice, very nice indeed. i'm liking what i am hearing here. i love the melodies throughout, and on top of that the reggae vibe of this.

an okay beat to move with, nice bassline. good song. cheers!

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