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good stuff, good stuff! the original song is oh so catchy, and your remix is up there as well!
i enjoyed this flash animation.

oh how i love animal crossing! it has been a while since i've last played new leaf though, now that i think of it. i enjoyed this parody. i too cannot seem to rid myself of a neighbor i have wanted gone a long time ago.

decent animation, adequate voice acting. overall, good animation. bonus for the k.k. ending.



nothing short of what i expect from an Egoraptor piece. cheers!

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good game!

i rather like this updated version of Battleship. it's an interesting take on it, and i like the addition of 1-tile mines; it makes for more of a challenge hunting them down.

good game to play!


definitely encourages out-of-the-box thinking. i'm amazed at what you have done with this though. i'm amazed at how you had me use my Caps Lock button and refresh the page just to get through. i may have said too much, but i assure you there is quite a challenge in this.

a quality game! and a nice song to boot! Cheers!

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an excellent game!

this truly is. i like the concept of assembling your getaway car all the while fighting off mass hordes of zombies. it gives the player a sense of urgency and incentive as the zombies increase in strength and size.

one thing that amuses me is the unique enemies. it amused me that you did not stick exclusively to zombies and instead threw in zombie bunnies and crows.

i had a great time playing through the game. although the crows were a constant nuisance, they did in fact add to the difficulty of the game. the ability to upgrade skills was a nice touch, and proved to be quite helpful. max out the Business skill tree from the get go. it will definitely benefit you in the long run. but don't take my word for it, play through it and see what suits your needs!

an excellent game! Cheers!

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oh lavender town... the horror and chill of this tune. sweet, sweet nostalgia.

i must say, you have done a rather impressive job with this. the tune itself remains scary, but the addition of the girl voice just sent chills down my spine. i like it!

and indeed, fear is an illusion. cheers!

Solkrieg responds:


short and sweet

for what it is, it is a very nice loop. although there is much more you can do with this, i like it just the same.


ganon95 responds:

theres always more u can do :p

dear me..

hi NeX, good to see you out with a new track and may i say, this is absolutely amazing! a very good follow up on "verse on fire".

i like the killer harpsichord intro - which is quite funny that i use killer and harpsichord in the same sentence :P
anyway, a good start - really gets you pumped. and then comes the piano and synths. like "vof" i am in awe as to your method of blending synths and killer guitar riffs in one. i respect that very much.

oh? nice, very nice indeed.

excellent track man. keep up the good work - never let up. keep 'em coming with the awesome stuff. cheers!

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NG Represent.

Aside from the shoes needing some improvement, everything else is great. I love the hip-hop style. I especially love the Dad 'n Me beanie Nene is wearing.

Great work!


A future flash, yes! Don't forget Green and Blue!

Truly amazing...

Words cannot even begin to describe the love I have for this, this masterpiece!

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